Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Pope of Broadway Mural

Los Angeles artist Eloy Torres painted this 70 foot tall mural on Broadway and 3rd St. in downtown L.A. in 1985 for the Victor Clothing Company. The mural, which is entitled "The Pope of Broadway," depicts the legendary Mexican-American actor and artist Anthony Quinn.

The architectural details in the background of the mural are inspired by the interior of the Victorian-era Bradbury Building across the street.


  1. It looks pretty good after all these years. I think there is a library in East LA named after Quinn. Near that is a city building outlined with Aztec depictions on tile. (3rd street) BTW:The Zubberan will be back in late May.

  2. I'm from Spain and love LA city. I've been there 5 times, and it hasn't been during this last visit in October, 2009 that I didn't discover the downtown, which I found it fascinating... I must come back and spend more time walking around it. Thanks for your information as it is helping me to build my photo album.

    Nuria, SPAIN