Sunday, June 13, 2010

Felix Chevrolet

Auto dealer Winslow Felix put up this classic sign in 1957 when he got permission from his friend, filmmaker Pat Sullivan, to use the Felix the Cat image on his Chevrolet dealership. Felix Chevrolet still operates as a car dealership and is located at West Figueroa Boulevard and South Jefferson Street next to the University of Southern California campus.

Here is a closer view of the 3-sided sign:
Unlike most of L.A.'s 1950s signs, the Felix Chevrolet sign is protected from unilateral demolition or alteration because it was designated as a City of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument in 2007.


  1. Cooooool! It's nice to know that some things are protected from destruction in L.A.!

  2. That sign is beautiful! Iconic in all ways including the Felix the Cat cartoon figure. Wouldn't it be nice if dealerships today could put up signage like this? Can you imagine the customers they would attract? But in today's "rules and regulations" it would be labeled an "eyesore." Congrats to Felix Chevrolet for having the City of Los Angeles calling it a Cultural Monument and Icon of L.A.

  3. Its really outstanding sign to express the Felix. And I am wondering to know its giving service from 1957.I just wishes Felix for long live.....
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