Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cats of the Week: Brothers

Two brothers in Culver City:

Friday, January 1, 2010

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook is a great new park in Culver City that includes trails, a visitor's center with exhibits, and gorgeous views over the Los Angeles basin. Here is the visitor's center designed by San Diego-based husband and wife Safdie Rabines Architects:

To get up to the visitor's center you can drive up, walk up a winding mile-long trail, or climb up a long, steep stone staircase:

There are beautiful 360 degree views of the Los Angeles basin from the top of the hill:

The master plan for this area is to connect Kenneth Hahn Park, Culver City Park, and Baldwin Hills Park and then to connect the parks to the beach with the Ballona Creek bike path.

If you want to hike up to the visitor's center, park on Jefferson and find the marked trailhead just to the East of Hetzler Road. You can also drive up Heztler and park at the visitor's center parking lot at the top of the hill. More info about the architecture and architects is available at the American Architects website.

View Baldwin Hills Park in a larger map