Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Culver City: Hayden Tract

A few blocks from the newly revitalized downtown Culver City is an area called the Hayden Tract that consists of formerly abandoned industrial warehouses that are now studios and offices for people like graphic designers and software engineers. Los Angeles architect Eric Owen Moss, whose studio is on the Hayden Tract, has built a collection of experimental buildings called Conjunctive Points which occupies a large portion of the tract. Moss, like Frank Gehry, is one of the contemporary Los Angeles architects considered to be of the "L.A. School." According to my architectural guidebook, buildings in the "L.A. School" style are typically large and bold; often include interrupted and tilting forms; and use materials in unusual and clever ways. The pictures below are of buildings in the Conjunctive Points Project.

The "What Wall?" Building (offices of a software design company):

The Beehive (office building and conference center):

Here is the Stealth Building (headquarters of Darth Vader's advertising agency):

The Samitaur Building (Kodak Company office building):

The Box Building (technology company offices downstairs and a private conference space upstairs in "the box"):

The Umbrella Building (headquarters of an internet and graphic design company):

3555 Hayden (headquarters of a broadcasting company):

3535 Hayden (offices of a graphic design company):

The Gateway Art Tower - currently under construction:

The Debbie Allen Dance Studio:

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  1. Nice place. I wouldn't choose to tag it as futuristic design as many have but rather weird designs, lol, anyway it's definitely worth checking it out. It's about a mile round trip and it takes approx. and hour to cover the area off course depending how you fast you move.

  2. Why is this place so famous anyway, it just feels cold.

  3. great strategy to overcome edge corner